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Heraklion is the largest urban centre in Crete,enjoys of a dynamic and imaginative combination of natural beauty climate, strategic position, cultural heritage and scientific background.Coming to Heraklion,you can enjoy walking in one of the most historically and socially fascinating cities facing the Mediterranean, on streets free from traffic noise and rush.Is the centre of Minoan civilisation and capital of Minoan Crete.Venetian constructions such as the Koules Fortress,many fountains of the Venetian era,several sculptures, statues figures of the city's and island's history can be found around the city.Around the historic city center of Heraklion there are also a series of defensive walls, bastions and other fortifications which were built earlier in the Middle Ages, but were completely rebuilt by the Republic of Venice.The northern and southern coasts of the Heraklion region are fringed with some beautiful beaches, such as the former hippies paradise, Matala beach etc.You can also discover the festivals, religious feasts and cultural events,cooking and dancing workshops available and traditional villages of the region.

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